Players can influence the speed as "real" jockeys. They have to give a perfect pulse so their horse gets the biggest acceleration. After a test lap the guests can bring out a fictive bet at the bookmaker on their favorite jockey.

The bicycle races are also interactive. The harder the cyclists push the pedals, the faster their bicycles will advance on the track.


Impression Bike Racing

Fabian Cancellara

Avans Tilburg

Technical info on the game

6 interactive players each Horse race (changing players after each race / teambuilding) 4 (5) bikes on rollers

1 bookmaker. (also possible with more bookies)

The race-bulletins or fake banknotes can be personalized with company logo, …

The horses can be replaced by cars, camels, dragons, trains, ...

For groups up to 200 people

Space needed: 6m x6m (minimum 4m x 5m)

Dimensions of the track: 3m x 1,65m

220 V normal power socket

The track can be personalised

Each Horse race consists of a test lap, a short break for placing the bets at the bookies and another final 2 laps. (duration: + / - 10 min.)

Each Bicycle race takes +/- 6 minutes (testlap + competition)

A special concept starts with the “Bicycle Race” during the aperitif and ends with the “Ascot Races” after the meal.

It's compatible with other casino games.

For incentive, company party, teambuilding, family days,…

Presenter/ animator : Jerry Gordon

Race director : Ignace Lannoye


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